In few simple steps

Build API's in few clicks

Choose between
Java + Spring Boot
Typescript + NestJS
Developer getting productivity boost from radical
Choose between
Java + Spring Boot
Typescript + NestJS

Smoother Collaboration

Product owners can work along with developers and architects in a low code way enabling true domain driven design


Radical generates more than 40% of code needed in API development, so developers can spend time in advanced scenarios

Design Validation

Why imagine design when the same design can be validated using APIs?
No hidden fees. No surprises

Start With Radical

In simple steps
Define Models
Enable CRUD
Download Source Code

Database Choices

REST Support

Connect to other microservices or external services using REST

Async API's

Choose between Sync & Async API (kafka based)


Protect your API with Keybased, Basic, JWT auth



Send events to Kafka


Consume events from Kafka

Unit Tests

Write reliable and maintainable code with a strong test suite

Integration Tests

Ensure seamless interaction between different components

Docker Support

Easily scale your application by adding or removing containers

JSON Import

Import types from JSON instead of radical designer, gives you rocket start 🚀 Tweak data types if needed


Validate any API fields with powerful yet simple validations

Simplify Development

Free developers from time-consuming tasks to focus on real business problems.

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