What is Radical.sh ?


Welcome to Radical.sh! A low code tool that generates code for APIs. You can use it as a starting point for your own project.

Why Radical.sh?

  • Developers often get stuck writing mundane API code.
  • The microservices era made it even more time-consuming.
  • Radical.sh simplifies and speeds up product prototyping
  • It's the ultimate time-saver for developers.

Whether you're crafting new APIs or transforming a monolith into microservices, Radical.sh is your perfect launchpad.

What can I do with Radical.sh

Radical.sh is much more than a skeleton generator, it captures the domain model in a specification which can be further used to generate layers of code from APIs, Events and Repositories.

Can Radical.sh replace code completers?

No, Radical.sh can generate around 30 - 50% of code base with click of few buttons. This cohesive approach is good to start with and Chat Gpt / Co Pilot can be used together.